• 17 April 2000
    New Cardphones Insatalled
    17 April 2000

    Dhiraagu commenced the installation of new cardphones in January 2001. This includes replacing all existing 634 cardphones and the installation of an additional 140 cardphones.

    This will increase the total number of cardphones across the country to 774, when the installation work is completed in June 2001.

    The new cardphones have a feature, which prompts the cardphone system to automatically answer all calls made to these phones that are not answered within 8 rings. When this happens, the caller will hear a tone, similar to what you hear when dialling a fax number.

    The supplier of these cardphones has designed the system with this feature, to enable the card phones to be remotely status checked without visiting the site.

    Dhiraagu is now working with the manufacture to find a remedy for this, and progress will be communicated to our customers through local media channels.

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