• 22 August 2005
    Invitation To Tender For Appointment Of Consultants For The Procurement Of And Installation Of An International Submarine Cable
    REF: MKTG/0717/2005/MC7

    Dhiraagu is seeking consultants to bid for the provision of the turnkey Owner's services for the implementation of a submarine optical fibre cable system between Maldives and Sri Lanka.

    The prospective bidder for the consultancy service will provide the pre and post contract services required for the project including in the following areas:

    Pre- contract phase:

    • Producing the design specification for the cable system to meet Dhiraagu's requirement
    • Desktop studies, marine and environmental surveys.
    • Selecting a contractor for the supply and installation of the submarine cable system
    • Assisting in the negotiation of the contract with the selected contractor

    Post - Contract phase:

    • Implementation, commissioning and acceptance of the cable system
    • Project Management
    • Cable maintenance agreements

    Dhiraagu invites eligible parties to bid for providing these services. The bidder should not be associated with a cable supplier who may be interested in bidding for the supply of the cable system.

    Interested parties must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services with written testimony of past experience and availability of appropriate skills to undertake the job to international industry standards.

    Interested parties may obtain a copy of Dhiraagu's requirement and further information from the following and submit their response to the same address by 4pm on September 5, 2005:

    Mr David Haran
    Head of Finance
    19 Medhuziyaaraiy Magu
    PO Box 2082, Male'
    Republic of Maldives
    [email protected]

    The following are the key dates with regard to this tender:

    Issue of Tender Notice: August 22, 2005
    Queries from bidders to be received by: August 27, 2005
    Tender submission: September 5, 2005
    Contract Award: September 20, 2005
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