• 22 April 2014
    GST will be charged on all Telecommunication Services from 1St May 2014
    In accordance with the first amendment to the Goods and Services Tax Act (Law Number 10/2011) ratified on 6th February 2014, GST shall be imposed on communication services with effect from 1st May 2014.

    To comply with this regulation, effective 1st May 2014, GST will be applicable on all our services. For Prepaid services GST will be charged at 8% on Recharge or Reload amount at the point of sale. All bills processed from 1st May 2014 will have the 6% GST charged on the total billed amount. If services are sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

    Dhiraagu customers who require a tax invoice, can provide their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to Dhiraagu via the special web page created on Dhiraagu website www.dhiraagu.com.mv/tin.aspx .

    All our published rates remain the same and are displayed excluding GST value. For further information on GST customers may contact MIRA on 1415 or visit their website www.mira.gov.mv.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
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