• 15 March 2022
    Discontinuation of Dhiraagu Postpaid legacy plans

    We would like to inform our Dhiraagu Postpaid customers that we will be discontinuing the following Dhiraagu Postpaid legacy plans effective 28 April 2022.

    1. InTouch
    2. Bronze
    3. Silver
    4. Gold
    5. Flex Basic
    6. Flex Plus
    7. UniFlex 149

    The discontinuation process will begin after a 45-day grace period from the initial SMS that will be sent on 15 March 2022. In addition to the initial SMS, two reminder SMS will be sent within the grace period.

    All customers can now conveniently customize their own Amilla Postpaid plan through Dhiraagu mobile app in real-time or choose from any Dhiraagu Postpaid available in our portfolio which can be applied through Dhiraagu MyAccount.

    Those customers who have not changed their plans by the end of grace period will be automatically migrated to a Dhiraagu Postpaid plan based on customer’s usage.

    For more information on Dhiraagu Postpaid plans, please visit https://bit.ly/3ofKliq and for Amilla Postpaid Plans, https://bit.ly/3G3A5zZ.

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