• 21 October 1999
    Dhiraagu Thanks All Customers For Their Continued Feed Back
    21 October 1999

    You may remember our recent public announcements about the change over of Telecoms services from the old Male' telephone exchange to the new Male' telephone exchange.

    This transfer took place on Friday 15th October between 0100hrs-0500 hrs, managed by a dedicated team of Engineers from Dhiraagu assisted by specialists from Ericsson and Cable & Wireless. We are pleased to advise that this operation was largely very successful.

    The work involved manually connecting existing telephone lines from across the country to the new exchange. We anticipated that in transferring 20,000 customers from one exchange to the other some customers would unfortunately experience some extended service disruption. We would like to apologise to those customers whose services were affected.

    Dhiraagu would like to thank all our customers for their continued feed back after the transfer of services from the old to the new Male' exchange. Customer feed back has been extremely valuable to Dhiraagu to quickly identify and begin clearing any issues that may have occurred on a small number lines.

    Please continue to contact Dhiraagu's Fault Reporting Centre on 195 so we can address as many of the concerns our customers are facing as quickly as possible.

    Once again we thank all our customers for their co-operation and assistance.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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