• 16 January 2012
    Dhiraagu Shares Ready for Trading
    We are pleased to inform that all applicants have been allotted the number of shares they applied for during DHIRAAGU IPO held from 25th October to 4th December 2011.

    Shares have been deposited into the shareholders’ respective account at the Maldives Securities Depositary (MSD) and will be ready for trading on the Maldives Stock Exchange from 19th January 2012.

    A confirmation of allotment will be sent by post to all DHIRAAGU shareholders within the coming weeks. DHIRAAGU shareholders may also request MSD to issue account statements for their current shareholdings.

    For more information about DHIRAAGU, existing and potential shareholders may visit the 'Investor Relations' section of DHIRAAGU’s website: www.dhiraagu.com.mv. For further individual queries, please call 3322802 during office hours or email [email protected].

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
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