• 28 February 2001
    Dhimobile Coverage To Baa And Lhaviyani
    28 February 2001

    Dhiraagu had extended DhiMobile coverage to Baa and Lhaviyani Atolls by the end of 2000 on schedule.

    The Project's scope was to extend DhiMobile coverage to the resort islands and major inhabited islands in these two atolls. DhiMobile coverage has therefore been provided to the following inhabited islands in addition to the resort islands:

    - Baa: Eydhafushi
    - Lhaviyani: Hinnavaru & Naifaru

    There are other inhabited islands in these atolls where mobile reception may be possible. However the coverage in these islands may be of a variable quality since it was not Dhiraagu's plan to provide complete coverage to all the islands under this initial Project.

    The feasibility of extending DhiMobile coverage to other inhabited islands in this region and to new atolls is currently under evaluation. Details of any new Projects will be communicated through the local media.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Customer Services
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