• 03 June 2003
    Content Providers for Infocall Service
    Dhiraagu is seeking content providers for its InfoCall service. InfoCall is a new service that will make it possible for anyone in the Maldives to listen to recorded information such as the weather, airline flight details and the latest news headlines by simply calling a telephone number .

    This service will be provided in partnership with local companies. Dhiraagu will provide electronic message "boxes" to store the information. Local companies will provide the information for the service that will be recorded into the "boxes" by calling from any normal telephone. The revenue generated from calls will be shared between Dhiraagu and content providers.

    Dhiraagu will be organizing a briefing session for content providers on 10 June 2003. Interested content providers are requested to call 123 or email [email protected] and register their name and contact numbers before 1600 hours on 8 June 2003.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Department
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