• 08 August 2001
    Cheques Returned Due To Insufficient Funds
    Dhiraagu wishes to advise all customers that currently a number of cheques presented for payment of Dhiraagu bills are returned from the Bank, due to lack of funds in the customers bank account.

    We therefore request customers to check their account balance and ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account, before issuing a cheque to Dhiraagu.

    These bounced cheques cause a lot of inconvenience, administration time and resources in clearing up. Therefore, with effect from 9 August 2001, the following procedures will be implemented:

    • Charge Rf 200.00 to cover administrative cost, when a cheque bounces.
    • Cheques will not be accepted from customers, who have previously issued a bounced cheque.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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