• 07 June 2020
    Changes to Usage Limit for Postpaid Customers

    We would like to inform our Postpaid mobile customers that effective 10 June 2020, we plan to bring changes to the ‘Usage Limit’. The previous ‘Usage Limit’ will now be referred to as ‘Credit Limit’. Further to the name change, we will also be bringing some changes to how the limit would function. We would like to ensure our customers that these changes will provide an additional degree of protection against bill shock and empower customers to better manage their spending.  


    Currently the Usage Limit only factors the customers’ usage on chargeable Calls, SMS and Data. With the planned changes, the Credit Limit will factor in unsettled bills and unbilled items such as package rental, add-on purchases, installment plans, quick top-up/quick recharge, along with chargeable calls, SMS and data associated with that service. This will allow customers to get a holistic view and more control of what they would be spending on their mobile service every month.


    Customers will be notified via SMS when they reach 80 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent of the Credit Limit. At 100 percent, some services may be restricted to prevent bill shocks and if customers wish to restore services, they can clear the unsettled bills to continue enjoying the service.


    By default, the new Credit Limit will be automatically set to an amount derived based on the customer’s usage pattern and payment history. To view Credit Limit, customers can SMS “Bal” to 727. Customers may request to revise the Credit Limit via Online Chat, 123 or by visiting any of our Customer Service Centers. Adjustment requests will be accommodated based on customer’s past spending habits and bill settlement 

    7 June 2020
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