• 25 November 2001
    Autodiallers On Websites
    With the increase in Internet usage across the country, we are also experiencing an increase in the number of reports relating to unknown IDD calls appearing on telephone lines used to access the Internet.

    We have investigated this and find that an increasing number of websites on the Internet are promoting material that provides access to large image files or streaming video files. These files may take a long time to download on a normal dial up connection.

    To avoid this, many websites now have a feature that allows an international call to be dialled on the same line to transfer the files after bypassing the Internet.

    On websites that have this option, choosing it by simply clicking a button or banner would result in the dropping of the connection to the local Internet Service Provider and dialling an IDD call to continue with the download.

    You could prevent these accidental dialling of calls using a non-IDD line to connect to the Internet. Alternatively if you use an IDD line, you could subscribe to Starlock services and have the line locked from such inadvertent telephone calls being made from the line.

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    Dhiraagu Customer Services
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