• 21 October 1999
    AMPS Change-over and GSM Service Soft Launch
    21 October 1999

    Dhiraagu announces today that the new DhiMobile GSM service will commence to existing mobile customers who have applied for the GSM service with effect from 24th October 1999.

    For this to happen there will be disruptions to the AMPS service during the early hours of morning on the 24th October whilst the necessary engineering and billing changes take place.

    In particular there will be no IDD international access for AMPS customers during this time. Mobile customers should note that these change-over activities are highly complex, and whilst Dhiraagu is seeking to minimise any problems, some service outages are likely to be encountered whilst GSM is being brought into service.

    Should customers continue to experience undue difficulties later on during the day of 24th October, then customers are kindly requested to register their problem with the Mobile Helpdesk on 177. This will better enable Dhiraagu to promptly resolve these difficulties.

    Dhiraagu again wishes to remind those AMPS customers who have not yet transferred to DhiMobile GSM, that their current telephone number will automatically be changed from 77xxxx to 78xxxx as part of these change-over activities.

    The special incentive plan, which has been developed to encourage AMPS customers to transfer to GSM, is already operational and proving to be successful. This scheme will only be available up to the full commercial launch in November. AMPS customers are therefore recommended to take advantage of the scheme whilst it is being offered to avoid later disappointment.

    Dhiraagu also wishes to communicate that, whilst DhiMobile GSM will support many additional services not available on the AMPS system, not all of these new services will be available at launch. Instead certain new services will be introduced to customers over a period of time.

    One such service is the International Roaming which will not be possible from launch. Roaming is implemented on an operator-by-operator basis with the first country planned for early next year. Roaming to other destinations will be implemented throughout next year and beyond.

    For any additional information visit our Teleshop or else call the Mobile HelpDesk on 177.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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