• 10 November 2022
    Update on Dhiraagu Rebroadcasting License Renewal
    Ref No: CS-GC/2022/PR-18

    On 7th July 2022, Dhiraagu applied to the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) to renew its rebroadcasting license. However, Dhiraagu’s request for license renewal was rejected by MBC. 

    Pursuant to the above, Dhiraagu has filed a judicial review claim at Civil Court challenging the MBC’s decision. Dhiraagu also filed for an injunction to maintain the status quo of Dhiraagu’s existing rebroadcasting license and to continue providing the service until the court reaches a decision on the substantive claim.

    In the case number 4003-CVC-2022 dated 10th November 2022, Civil Court issued the injunction order based on the following grounds:

    • Dhiraagu has a growing residential and commercial customer base using IPTV and OTT services which requires considerable investment, effort and time, for its maintenance.
    • The rebroadcasting license affects the rights of customers and third parties. 
    • Dhiraagu has invested more than $30 million dollars (including content and channel rights cost but excluding investments made to FTTH network infrastructure). Such investments require years to recover and such decision of non-renewal of the license will result in irrecoverable losses.
    • It is difficult to establish or foresee the damage which Dhiraagu will incur if the injunction order is not issued. The legality of the MBC’s decision can only be established after substantive matters are heard and a judgment is issued by the court.

    DhiraaguTV is available to more than 85% of the national households via cable network and to 100% of the population through mobile network. DhiraaguTV offers a diverse set of 100 channels that provides premium quality programming via a fixed broadband connection.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Investor Relations
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