• [3 January 2016]
    Appointment of a New Board Director
    Please be informed that the Board of Bahrain Telecommunications Company Plc (Batelco) has appointed Dr. Ahmed Ebrahim Abdulqadar AlBalooshi as a Non Executive Director of the Board of Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun as of 31st December 2015. Dr. Ahmed Al Balooshi replaces Mr. Ihab Hinnawi who has been serving as a Batelco Director on the Board since April 2013.

    Accordingly the current Board of Directors are now reconstituted as follows:

    Mr. Mohamed Ashmalee
    Mr. AbdulRazzaq Al Qassim
    Mr. AbdulRahman Fakhro
    Dr. Ahmed Al Balooshi
    Mr. Abdulla Ahmed
    Mr. Imran Ali
    Mr. Ismail Rasheed
    Chairperson/Government of Maldives
    Deputy Chairperson/Batelco Non-executive Director
    Batelco Non-executive Director
    Batelco Non-executive Director
    Non-executive Director/Government of Maldives
    Independent Non-executive Director
    CEO & Managing Director

3 January 2016

Contact Information:
Phone: 3311435/3311121
Email: [email protected]

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Dhiraagu Investor Relations
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