Supporting local communities
At Dhiraagu, we proudly support a wide range of activities across the country to maintain our brand engagement.
  • Sponsorship guidelines
    All the applications must be submitted via email. Dhiraagu will take all sponsorship requests for consideration. Those proposals meeting specific guidelines, and further our strategic goals and objectives shall be considered for sponsorship depending on availability of budget

    We seek balance in our sponsorship portfolio, with a combination of commercial and community-focused sponsorships. Each year, we receive hundreds of proposals for a variety of initiatives, programs and events. While we are pleased that there are so many volunteers and organizations working to make a difference in our communities, we are focused on those initiatives that align with our business values, objectives and brand goals.
  • Sponsorship criteria
    • At Dhiraagu we undertake events and activities that are socially responsible and that are consistent with our business values and objectives
    • Each sponsorship request should include clearly stated objectives and measurable deliverables.
    • Each sponsorship request should aim to deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for Dhiraagu by providing appropriate media, product placement and sponsorship leveraging opportunities according to level of sponsorship investment.
  • What we do not support
    • Events or activities that do not comply with the laws of Maldives.
    • Applications from Individuals, teams and political parties
    • Events and programs that are hosted overseas
    • Infrastructural initiatives (building schools, parks)
    • Activities that are associated with tobacco products or are being sponsored by tobacco organizations
    • Activities that offend the culture and values of the community and the sensitivities of a significant portion of the population.
    • Sponsorship properties which already have given significant brand exposure for our competitors in telecom and other digital services
    • Sponsorship properties that are perceived to have or encompass a violent or dangerous nature
  • Evaluation process and timelines
    On receipt of a sponsorship proposal, we will review the sponsorship proposal following the below process:
    • We shall review the sponsorship proposal to check if it complies with our sponsorship criteria
    • If the proposal conforms with our requirements it will be submitted to the sponsorship committee.
    • After careful review and evaluation of the proposal, a decision will be made depending on timing of the activity and budget availability. The requesting party will be informed accordingly after the review process.
    • The requesting party will be contacted within 3 – 4 business days of submitting the proposal, only if our sponsorship committee approves the sponsorship proposal.
    • Due to the high level of interest in Dhiraagu sponsorships, we can only support a limited number of requests. As a result, we sometimes decline opportunities even if they fit our sponsorship guidelines.
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