Dhiraagu Launches UltraFast Broadband packages with speeds up to 36 Mbps

26 March 2014

Dhiraagu the nation's leading broadband internet service provider is pleased to announce the fastest Internet experience with the soft launch of UltraFast Unlimited Broadband packages for residential customers. These packages are ideal for those who need high speeds for downloading, gaming or streaming. It is also perfect for multi-user and multi-device households, where residential customers can now propel themselves into the Internet with speeds up to 36 Mbps download and up to 5 Mbps upload for a fixed monthly bill. UltraFast Broadband packages offer the fastest broadband speeds in the country for home users.

The available range of UltraFast Broadband packages are as follows.
 Package Name Speeds Upto   Allowance Monthly Subscription 
 Home UltraFast Plus  36Mbps  Unlimited*  MVR 2,500
 Home UltraFast  25Mbps  Unlimited*  MVR 1,990
*Fair Usage Allowance for Home UltraFast Plus is 150GB and HomeUltraFast is 130GB. No excess usage charge apply

UltraFast Broadband service will be initially introduced to customers within Male’ and available to selected areas that have cable lengths less than 1km from the exchange equipment (exchange equipment connects customer’s phone lines to the core network). Customers can easily check if their home is within coverage area by entering their address in Dhiraagu website ( If UltraFast Broadband is not available in a particular area customers can opt for the recently launched Pro Unlimited 15M that offer speeds up to 15 Mbps. 

Dhiraagu Director Marketing, Ahmed Maumoon said that,”UltraFast Broadband will function similar to ADSL Broadband service but it is offered through VDSL technology. These new packages will be ideal for high speed download, upload, gaming and streaming. With the introduction of UltraFast Broadband the choice of internet packages just got a lot better with a range of packages now included in our portfolio for different customer segments. We would like to assure our customers that based on popularity of the packages and customer feedback we plan to extend the coverage areas for more homes to enjoy these higher speeds. " 

For more information regarding Dhiraagu UltraFast Broadband packages, please visit or call 123

Media contact for information:
Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
Phone: 3311336

Ibrahim Imjad Jaleel
Senior Marketing Communications and PR Executive
Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040 

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