"Experience the world of Contactless AI Assistant in Hospitality"

Introducing WooHoo Voice Assistant, a device designed to seamlessly understand your voice commands and perform tasks accordingly.

WooHoo Voice Assistant single-handedly assists your guests and your executives with tasks that are either time consuming or can be solved without any involvement of manpower while keeping efficiency and quality of the task intact.

Elevate your guests experience with a voice enabled SMART system.

The Hospitality Industry now has a New Voice and it is;

WooHoo AI Voice Assistant in Action

Quick Response to Service Requests
  1. Housing keeping
  2. Check-in & Check-out
  3. Food & Beverages
  4. Valet
Exclusive Local Recommendations
  1. Restaurants
  2. Tours
  3. Activities with Kids
  4. Special Events
Easy Access to General Information
  1. Wifi Codes
  2. Amenity Locations
  3. Hours & Availability 
  4. Check-out Time
Special Greetings for Special Occasions
  1. Weddings
  2. Birthdays
  3. VIP Guests

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