Stingray Music

"Life sounds better with the right soundtrack!"

Whether you’re waiting for the bus, tuning out the boss, cooking up a storm or dancing yourself into a frenzy, Stingray Music has curated music for every occasion. Simply tune in, lean back, and enjoy the music!

Lovingly curated by music experts, Stingray music app offers a comprehensive channel selection that covers all styles and tastes, from the most mainstream to the most niche, and guarantees you, a fun experience in discovering and enjoying thousands of music channels in hundred genres like hip-hop, pop, electronic, indie, Broadway hits, jazz, kids, and more!

And to top it off, its completely FREE for all Dhiraagu Customers!


Stingray Music
Free music to suit your mood!

  • 1000s of continuous channels.
  • Hundreds of genres.
  • All the latest top hits updated weekly on the Today's Top40 Playlist.
  • Customised listening experience: like songs to increase their rotation, block songs and artists to exclude them.
  • Genre, Activity, Moods, Themes and Era filters.
  • High quality audio.
  • Sleep timers and more!

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