More FAQ
  • 1. How do I recharge my account if my prepaid number is suspended?

    Even if your account is suspended you can call free phone 151 to top up your account at any time. As soon as you have recharged your account successfully, you will again be able to make and receive calls.

    If your account is suspended for 180 days, it will be permanently deactivated and any remaining value in your account will be lost. If this happens, your SIM can no longer be used and you would need to re-apply for the service and buy a new Connection Kit. It will not be possible to retain your previous mobile phone number as every Connection Kit comes with a unique and personal number.

  • 2. I gave the Reload retailer an incorrect mobile number / Reload ID. Can I get refund?

    Make sure you have the number written down or double check before recharging; there is no refund on Reload.