Postpaid Unlimited Add-ons

"Make Unlimited FREE Calls on your Dhiraagu Postpaid"

With the new Dhiraagu Postpaid Unlimited Add-ons, make unlimited FREE calls anytime, to anyone on the largest network!

  • Voice 249
    Available for Postpaid
    Postpaid Smart169

    Add-on Monthly Fee
    MVR 249
  • Voice 199
    Available for Postpaid
    Postpaid Smart299 and Smart499 
    Add-on Monthly Fee
    MVR 199
  • Voice 99
    Available for Postpaid
    Postpaid Smart 799 and Smart Premium
    Add-on Monthly Fee
    MVR 99
  • A Fair Usage Allowance of 5000 mins, (per month) applies to all Voice add-ons. Any calls made in excess of the fair usage allowance will be charged in accordance to your current postpaid package.

  • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.

  • Get Started
      To subscribe:
    • Send an SMS to 343 in the following format
    • ADD keyword.
      Eg: ADD VOICE249
      To unsubscribe:
    • Send an SMS to 343 in the following format,
    • REMOVE keyword.
      Eg: REMOVE VOICE249
    MVR 1 will be charged to the SMS sent to 343
  • Terms
    • The add-on fee will be charged in addition to your monthly fee in your current postpaid package.
    • You will need to subscribe once and the add-on will keep on renewing every month until you unsubscribe from the add-on.
    • Fair Usage Allowance will be reset on 1st of each calendar month
    • Once you unsubscribe from the add-on, Fair Usage allowance will be cancelled. 
    • You may unsubscribe from the add-on anytime and once unsubscribed, calls will be charged at the rates in accordance to your current Postpaid package
    • There will be no prorating in the add-on monthly fee and Fair Usage minutes. 
    • Free calls can be made to Dhiraagu numbers only
  • FAQ