Conference Calling

"Join with 2 others anywhere in the world in the same conversation!"

Just have a three-way conference call and talk to your friends at the same time.

  • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.
  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
    * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

    1 Simply call the first person as you would for a normal phone call.
    2 Put them on hold and call the second party.
    3 Resume the conversation.

    To Discontinue Conversations

    • For each number you call, a caller number will be given in the order you call them. So the first number you call will be caller 1, 2nd number will be caller 2.
    • To end the conversation with the first caller, simply press:
      Press 1<Caller X> and SEND

    It’s your call. You initiated the conversation. So, you have the control. You decide who gets added to the conversation and who gets removed from it. You decide when to end the conference. And when you want to go private with any of the others in the conversation, you can talk privately while the other is put on hold, and come back to the conference conversation anytime.

    • To go private:
      Press 2<Caller X> and SEND
    • To resume conference call:
      Press 3 and SEND

  • Setup: Free
  • Monthly Fee: MVR 30
  • Call Charges: All outgoing calls made to set up the Conference Call will be charged, depending on the calling destination and time. Each call will be charged as a separate call.
Conference Calling
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