Copy MyTones

"Rang a friend and liked what you heard? Wish to make it yours but just too shy to ask? Or don't know how to?"

Mobile Entertainment

When you call the friend and hear the tone, simply press *7 and SEND. Then sit back. We will do the rest.

Not registered yet?

Doesn't matter. You will receive a confirmation SMS when the copied MyTone has been activated and we will advise you the validity date. You are automatically registered.

Already have a MyTones?

It will be added to your MyTones. Already have that same MyTones? No worries, no charges!

  • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.
  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
    * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

  • Each MyTones purchased - MVR 4.
  • Calls to 155 - MVR1.50 per minute.
  • SMS to 155 - MVR 1 per SMS.

Maximum MyTones
You can COPY or ADD up to 10 MyTones. When the 10 Tones limit is up, you will need to DELETE one in order to ADD another.

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