"Too many people who need to be given the same message at the same time?"

Need to plan an event or discuss an issue with many people? Are they just too busy or out of town but still need their input? No worries. We are here to help you all connect! You can have up to 30 participants in a meeting!

  • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.
  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
    * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

    1 Call 130 and key in the Moderator or the Participant code provided to you.
    2 Inform all participants of the time of meeting and share only the Participant code with them.

    At the agreed time, all participants should dial 130 and enter the Participant code. You (the meeting Moderator) should dial the same number 130 and enter the Moderator code.

    4 Start the meeting when the Moderator and at least one more Participant joins in.


    Meeting will start only when the Moderator enters the meeting. Otherwise, the Participant will be asked to wait for the Moderator to join.

    If a person is joining the meeting from abroad, dial: +960 3340 130.

    If you don’t have the Moderator and Participant codes, please SMS keyword “meeting” to shortcode 130 or apply via MyAccount portal to get your free set of codes. We will inform you when it’s ready.

    For more Moderator features, the Moderator may login to

Phone Meeting
  • Setup & Rental: Free
  • Call charges: 1.30 per minute to the nearest minute
  • Call charges for international callers: Applicable international tariffs for calling Maldives charged by their service provider.

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