Apprenticeship Programme

  • Formal, structured training and development opportunities
  • Increased sense of professional competency
  • Easier access to related instruction resources
  • Support and guidance from an experienced professional (Mentor)
  • Earn and learn at the same time
  • Recognition of accomplishment through the completion certification
  • Potential for career establishment / advancement opportunities

We help you build confidence and self-esteem, and make you effective team members at the workplace.

Our Apprentice Program is an educational and training program designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for the specific discipline along which you are keen to develop competencies. We provide you with paid work experience so that you earn while you learn.

Each apprentice will be on the program for a one-year period, at the successful completion of which the apprentice will be awarded a completion certificate.

To further enhance the benefits of the program, for those apprentices who successfully complete the one-year, an opportunity to complete a second year as an apprentice may be offered.

Alternatively, the apprentice may also be offered permanent employment with Dhiraagu subject to availability and performance of the apprentice during the program.

At the end of this program, you will be equipped with many skills including skills such as communication, planning and organizing, problem solving and decision making, customer care, occupational health and safety, which are considered important across different disciplines. You will be more competent.

We help you seek your desired job by providing you with the necessary skills to prepare for employment interviews, researching jobs / vacancies, and developing effective CVs.

  • The program structure

    Structured training / related instruction
    You will use various resources to build your knowledge of your chosen discipline. These will mostly be educational experiences which may include trainings, workshops, courses based on core competencies required for the job.

    On-the-job learning
    On-the-job learning under the guidance of experienced and qualified personnel provides the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills in several areas; including team work, customer services, work planning and time management, which will be beneficial in real-life situations and at work.

    The apprentice will maintain a one-on-one mentor relationship with an experienced member of Dhiraagu team during the apprenticeship. Mentors are not necessarily supervisors, but coaches who will help apprentices learn skills they need to do their jobs successfully.

  • The apprentice package

    The apprentice package will reflect the fact that Dhiraagu is investing time and other resources in the future of our youth.

    As an apprentice you will be entitled to:

    • A monthly apprentice allowance based on the level of education / training completed by applicants.
    • Discounts on company products and services
    • Paid annual leave
    • Paid occupational sick leave
  • Graduation criteria

    The primary focus of the program is on developing the skills of the chosen discipline, gain self-confidence, learn work ethics and build the apprentice's competence to become a professional.

    Graduation requirements will include the following:

    • Achieving a minimum of 50% in the exam(s) (where appropriate)
    • Achieving 90% of attendance
    • Achieving a satisfactory performance level
  • Elimination from the program

    Should the Apprentice fail to maintain a satisfactory attendance, conduct or performance during the apprentice program, Dhiraagu will reserve the right to withdraw the offer made and remove the individual from the apprentice program.

  • Which areas / fields?

    Apprentice opportunities are available in the following area:

    • General Administration
    • Marketing
    • Procurement & Stores
    • Sales
    • Transport Operations
    • Customer Services / Call Centre
    • Finance
    • Engineering