Telemedicine Exchange

"Be equipped with our Telemedicine exchange solution."

Consult live, and get expert medical opinion on your ailments. Information is passed, with assured integrity and security, both ways.

Telemedicine Exchange
  • Remote patient diagnosis by partnered Health Institutions or Specialized Medical Consultant at a central service location.
  • The patient records are collected and stored electronically as Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Consultants can be alerted of new cases for review by email notification and have access to secure telemedicine portal for diagnosis, review and update on the
  • Vital signs checked and diagnose and follow-up of respiratory illnesses with real-time video capabilities.

Digitally taken image/record reach you at industry standard quality, and content unchanged. Partnered with AMD Global Telemedicine, we follow American Telemedicine Association (ATA) standards.

We provide the connectivity and telemedicine equipment with the telemedicine exchange server support. The state of the art telemedicine equipment is provided with required user trainings and maintenance.

This system enables the users to store medical data of patients and use this data with referral doctors anywhere in the world with an Internet connection using our secure access.

With live telemedicine capabilities the specialist doctors are able to work remotely with the patients to provide a great deal of medical consultation with remote diagnostics.

    1 Just let us know your needs, and an account manager and a technical expert will sit with you, and take you through all the details.
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