Job Preparation

"At Dhiraagu we strongly believe that every single individual has the potential to make a world of difference."

It would be a pleasure to have you working with us, but unfortunately we cannot take you all. But we are here to help you prepare for that next best option.

  • 1.
    Get to know your employer of interest
    • Check the employer website. Learn about them so that you are able to speak intelligently about them. Get familiar with the company and see how they “see” themselves.
  • 2.
    Plan your Approach
    • Study the job description advertised. Often, you are asked about what you know about the job.
    • Plan on how you are going to address all the requirements, and prepare for the interview.
  • 3.
    Get your References
    • Ensure good credentials. When you have high recommendations, you outshine!
  • 4.
    Practice before the interview
    • Practice for the job interview. Write questions down, and think of ways to answer them.
  • 5.
    Be ready for the interview
    • Prepare physically and emotionally for the job.
    • Take all necessary documents.
  • 6.
    Dress the part
    • Dress formal. Don’t dress too casual.
  • 7.
    Be early
    • Show up early for the interview.
  • 8.
    Prove your worth
    • Tell them why you should get the job. Sell yourself!
    • Seek opportunities for speaking. Deliver your ideas.
    • Be passionate at the interview.
  • 9.
    Ask intelligent questions
    • Show that you are active, and involved. Ask questions to clarify.
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