ADSL Broadband

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  • 1. How am I billed for this service?

    Your usage is calculated by summing the total upload and download bytes during the month regardless of how long you stay connected to the Internet.

  • 2. What do you mean by "Monthly Usage Allowance"?

    This refers to the number of megabytes that is included in your package at no additional cost. This is NOT a limit on what you can use - you may upload and download as much as you want but the usage above the "Monthly Usage Allowance" will be charged on a per Megabyte basis.

  • 3. Will I be able to carry forward any unused balance of the monthly allowance associated with the package I have subscribed for?

    No. You cannot carry forward any unused balance on the package monthly allowance to the next month.

    * You may change your package to suit your requirement best. However this is allowed once a month.

  • 4. What is "Fair Usage"?

    General use of the Internet for regular activities such as checking emails, social networking, chatting including video and voice calls, browsing, You Tubing, Non-heavy downloading of movies, etc., is referred to as “Fair usage”.

  • 5. What do you mean by monthly "Fair Usage Allowance"?

    Most of us use the shared network bandwidth for their regular activities such as downloading emails, social network activities, chatting including video and voice calls, randomly exchanging lots of other information with their friends and family members.

    However very few customers abuse the broadband service by attempting to establish multiple P2P feeds to download / upload hundreds of videos, games and other large files constantly.

    This often happens to be the reason for poor service quality for rest of us who are using same network. Hence, to eliminate this issue a “Fair Usage Allowance” is implemented in some Packages and this allowance is the amount of data you can download at the package speed, after which the speed will be considerably reduced.

    This allowance will be reset every month. Note that if you don’t abuse the service (as described above), you are unlikely to exceed this allowance.

  • 6. What will be the penalty for exhausting my "Fair Usage Allowance"?

    You can still upload/download, for no additional charge, even after the “Fair usage Allowance” is exhausted. However your speed will be reduced down to 128kbps.

  • 7. Can I increase my monthly "Fair Usage Allowance"?

    Sorry, the allocated “Fair Usage Allowance” for a given package cannot be increased at the moment.

  • 8. Will I be charged if I use more than my "Fair Usage Allowance" is exhausted?

    No you will not be charged extra even after your “Fair Usage Allowance” is exhausted. However your speed will be throttled to 128kbps, till the end of the month.

  • 9. What can I do with Pro Unlimited 1M or Pro Unlimited 2M?

    Activity Within
      50 GB 75 GB
    Film (DVD quality) 36 54
    Film Blu-ray (HD) 6 9
    MP3 (iTunes) 6,400 9,600
    YouTube (hours) 171 256
    YouTube Songs 1,707 2,560
    FB Photos 51,200 76,800
    Flickr Photos 8mega pixel 10,240 15,360
    Video Call (Hours) 256 384
    Farmville (Hours) 24 hours per day
    Note: Please note that these are approximate figures and can vary.

  • 10. How often can I change my ADSL Package?

    You can change your ADSL package only once during a month. Customers in Pro Unlimited packages (Fair-usage packages), can change their package to another Fair-usage package only at the start of the billing month.

  • 11. What do you mean by "Dynamic IP" and "Fixed IP" on the packages?

    "Dynamic IP" means that your identity on the Internet (the IP address assigned to your PC) will be different every time you restart your ADSL modem. A "Fixed IP" means that you always get same IP. A fixed IP is useful for applications that require a fixed IP such as airline networks or Virtual Private Networks (VPN's.)

  • 12. What do you mean by "Inbound HTTP" Access?

    HTTP protocol is used to connect web servers on the Internet. This option is necessary if you want to make your PC a web server. Inbound HTTP access on your Internet connection would be necessary for other people to access the website running on your PC.

  • 13. What do you mean by "Inbound SMTP" Access?

    SMTP - Mail transfer protocol would be necessary on your connection, if you want to make your PC a mail server. You can still send and receive all types of e-mails without inbound SMTP access on your connection.

  • 14. What equipment do I need to purchase to use Dhiraagu Broadband service?

    An ADSL modem will be required to use ADSL technology based Dhiraagu broadband service. ADSL modems are available at Dhiraagu Mobile Shop. You may also buy it from elsewhere but please ensure that it will work correctly with our network.