Multiple MyTones

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  • 1. What is Multiple MyTones?

    Multiple MyTones is a new enhancement to MyTones service, where customers get to enable more than just one single MyTones, so when people call they get to hear different songs. Now customers can have up to 10 unique tones as their Ring back tone.

  • 2. What is Personalized MyTones?

    Personalization is an additional feature available on Multiple Ringtone where customers can set the purchased tones to specific individuals or groups.

  • 3. How do I Register to MyTones service?

    To Register to MyTones, call 155 and follow the IVR.

  • 4. How can I add Multiple Ringtones?

    Multiple Ringtones can be activated by calling 155 similar to now or by sending SMS to 155. (Please refer to the table for keywords on how to set MyTones via SMS)

  • 5. How do I Personalize a Ringtone?

    Personalization can only be done through SMS (Please refer to the table for keywords on how to personalize Tones via SMS).

  • 6. Can I personalize tones to Non Dhiraagu numbers?

    Tones can be personalized to Dhiraagu numbers only.

  • 7. What are the charges for Multiple Ringtones?

    • Customer will be charged MVR4 per tone.
    • Calls to set up MyTones by calling IVR will be charged at a premium rate of MVR1.50 per minutes.
    • SMS sent to 155 to set up and personalize MyTones will be charged at MVR1 per SMS.

  • 8. What are the charges for personalizing ringtones?

    There is no additional charge for personalization. However you will be charged MVR1 for each SMS sent to set up personalization.

  • 9. Where can I find the Tone ID’s?

    Tone Id’s are available at . A variety of archived MyTones and its tones Id’s are available on this website. To listen to Tone ID, call 155 and key in the tone ID.

  • 10. What is IVR?

    IVR is an Interactive Voice response. By following the voice guided message, you will be able to register, purchase, renew and deactivate MyTones. The tones featured on the IVR will be the top and new tones available for purchasing.

  • 11. How long will I be able to use the Tones purchased?

    Once you have activated/personalized a tone, your tone has a validity of 30 days. When you reach your validity you will be notified via SMS to either renew the tone or purchase a new tone.

    Once you have crossed the validity, your tone will be replaced by the default tone. You will have a grace period of 7 days to purchase a new tone, or your registration will expire and MyTones will be discontinued.

  • 12. What will happen to my existing MyTones?

    There will be no change to your existing MyTones; this enhancement simply gives you the option to have more MyTones and choice to personalize tones.

  • 13. Will I be notified about the expiry?

    You will be reminded about your tone expiry by an SMS. Just before the 3rd day of your validity you will be notified to either purchase a tone or renew the current tone. Otherwise your registration to MyTones will expire and MyTones will be discontinued.

  • 14. How many tones can put in 1 Group?

    You can personalize tones to as many people as you wish. The group should consist of unique mobile numbers.

    For example if customer A,B,C are in group 1 you cannot add any member of group 1 in to another group, or setup a separate tone for any member in that group.

    In such a case you will first need to remove him from group 1 and assign the required new tone, or assign him the new group Tone.