Missed Call Alert

More FAQ
  • 1. Is the service really free?

    The service is absolutely FREE.

    There is no setup fee, monthly charge or usage charges for this service. You will not be charged for the forwarded “calls” to +960146.

    The person calling you will hear the standard recorded announcement telling him your phone is turned off or outside the coverage area and his call will not be charged.

  • 2. Do I need to have CallerID service if I want to use the Missed Call Alert?

    No. Missed Call Alert is a separate independent service.

  • 3. Will the Missed Call Alert include the telephone number of every missed call I receive?

    For calls from special numbers such as Dhiraagu test numbers you may not get these details.

  • 4. Will I get Missed Call Alert for missed international incoming calls?

    Yes. You will receive a Missed Call Alert but depending on which country the call came from and the route it took to the Maldives, the SMS may not show you the caller's number. In these cases the calling number will be shown as “Unknown”.

  • 5. What should I do with the Missed Call Alert SMS?

    Your Simcard inbox can accept a maximum of 15 messages. We therefore strongly recommend that you regularly delete unwanted SMS messages, including Missed Call Alert SMS from your inbox.

  • 6. What will happen if my inbox is full?

    The system will attempt to deliver the Missed Call Alert for 2 days (from the day you come in to our network or switch on the phone). The system will stop trying after 2 days.

  • 7. Why do I get a special SMS (flash SMS) before I receive the Missed Call Alert message?

    This SMS is sent to check if you have returned to our network and is ready to receive the Missed Call Alert.

  • 8. What are charges for the service?

    This service is provided to all postpaid customers FREE of charge. However you will be charged MVR1 for each SMS sent to 146 to set up OOF.

  • 9. How do I use the service?

    You will have to activate the OOF feature by sending an SMS to 146 in the format “oof enable: your personal message”. For example, oof enable: I am currently traveling overseas. For urgent matters please call my secretary on 332 2802. I will be back on the 10th.

  • 10. Can I send the personalized SMS to only a selected number of callers?

    Yes. You can define a list of up to 10 numbers so that your personalized SMS will only be sent to these numbers.

  • 11. Will I be charged for the SMS sent by OOF to others who called me while I was not available?

    No. You will not be charged for the outgoing SMS.

  • 12. I have caller notification feature activated, will OOF also work at the same time?

    Yes. Both the features will work simultaneously.