Ghiyasuddin International School Partners with Dhiraagu to introduce a BYOD Pilot Programme

Ghiyasuddin International School has partnered with Dhiraagu to introduce a BYOD Pilot Programme, for the first time in the Maldives. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an emerging education technology trend that is gaining popularity in many schools worldwide. Ghiyasuddin International School will be running a pilot project to introduce such a programme for the first time in Maldives. Through this programme, students will bring their own devices such as tablets, laptops and other smart devices and share these resources with other students to participate in online quizzes, teamwork, collaborative exercises and real time feedback sessions, through a structured learning programme organized by the school. 

Under the company’s CSR Programme, Dhiraagu will be providing the connectivity to help run this pilot project, which is designed for students to reap the many benefits of technology based learning. 

At the signing ceremony, Dhiraagu CEO & MD Ismail Rasheed said, ‘Education is a key focus area in our CSR strategy and we are very happy to support the BYOD programme. We are also very pleased that Ghiyasuddin International School partnered with Dhiraagu to introduce the programme and we believe that it will provide significant benefits to students. Children and young adults spend a great deal of time on smart devices and the BYOD Programme will be a good example of how technology can be integrated as a positive tool for learning and education” 

Dhiraagu hopes that the success of this pilot project would potentially mean that technology based learning and education through BYOD programmes could be further expanded in the Maldives.

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21st October 2015

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