Forum Guidelines

Dhiraagu Community - Rules and Guidelines

Please do

1.    Ask questions clearly
Writing concisely, being descriptive and tagging your post so the community can find it easily will ensure you get the better answers and responses.

2.    2. Share your experience
If you were having a problem or experiencing difficulties figuring something out but managed to sort it out let us know about it, we’d love to hear about it and I’m sure the rest of the community will to.

3.    3.Search for your question
There is a chance someone has already asked your question and the answer is already sitting
there waiting for you. Utilise the search box to check and if it’s not there then make sure you ask

4.    Be nice
Mum put it best- treat others as you would like to be treated.

5.    Rate our content
See a great question or answer? Give it Kudos. If someone answers your question really well tag it as the accepted answer. This way everyone will be able to find the most relevant information quickly. If you see something you don’t like such as abuse, please report it.

6.    Tell us about yourself
Take a few moments to introduce yourself here.

7.    Talk to us in the right place.
You know that random guy at the bus stop that always wants to talk to you about his issues? Don’t be that guy. We’ve created the perfect place for you to talk to us depending on what your comment is. Questions, comments and suggestions all belong in our Community.

To talk to other members in our Community, please use our Private Messaging (PM) feature. If you’d like to discuss a moderator’s decision, please send a PM to our Community Manager, Tim. Talking about a moderator’s decision elsewhere won’t be tolerated, as this is a private matter and talking about it in an open space is disrespectful to other members. Please note that we don’t offer support via Private Messaging.

8.    Have fun!
Explore questions, share your knowledge and just make yourself at home- it’s your community.

Please don't
1.    Post personal contact details or account details publicly
Remember that the boards are open and can be viewed by anyone so your details could end up anywhere. At times you will need to share some personal details or account details with our Community Manager or Help and Support Advisors though make sure you do so in a Private Message.
2.    Disrespect anyone
Abuse will not be tolerated. Please respect the diversity of our community by keeping irrelevant, contentious, hateful or potentially hurtful views off the site. Sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate or hate-related content is also not welcome. Don't post anything that violates the laws or our terms and conditions.
3.    Use malicious or harmful behaviour
It is unacceptable to post malicious links, spam or to interfere with the website's operation. It is also unacceptable to behave in a way which may cause harm to others, or encourage harmful acts.
4.    Misrepresent yourself
If you are  from another company, brand, or vendor then you are welcome to join us as long as you are clear and transparent to the community so everyone clearly knows who you are- no tricks here it isn’t a magic show. You must also drop Tim our Community Manager a note to introduce yourself. Remember this also includes Dhiraagu employees who must abide by the employee and manager guidelines. If you have any questions feel free to ask- everyone is here to help.

5.    Bump threads or repeat your post
Bumping is posting in your own topic or someone else's just to move it up the list. It doesn't make things easier to find for any of us and can make threads difficult to follow. Posting the same content in two places has the same effect, how will people know where to reply?

6.    Discuss Jailbreaking/ Piracy
That includes any form of jailbreaking, hacking, modding or rooting of your phones software, how to modify, borrow, acquire, use or bypass license restrictions, policies or processes. Here is not the place for it.
Things to know

You have the ability to edit your own posts for up to an hour, made a mistake? Misspelt your name? Feel free to make changes, but try to keep your edits simple.  Changing the tone of your message to something else or changing the message entirely could confuse other users, or make a conversation appear to be about something different.
Dhiraagu makes a point to remove any content that does not comply with these guidelines, or our social media user terms.  We will also remove any personally identifying information you include, so we can protect your privacy. You can read more about protecting your privacy here. Mobile phone numbers are not allowed to be posted on the Dhiraagu User Forum.

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