Caller ID

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  • 1. Who can use Caller ID?

    All telephone customers in Malé, K.Vilingili, Hulhulé, Hulhumalé, Eydhafushi and on islands with telephone number ranges 650XXXX, 652XXXX, 660XXXX, 664XXXX, 666XXXX, 668XXXX and 670XXXX.

  • 2. What calling numbers can be displayed on my Caller ID unit?

    The telephone numbers from calls originating from all telephones and mobiles within the Maldives will be displayed on your Caller ID unit. Telephone numbers from International incoming calls may NOT be displayed on your Caller ID unit.

  • 3. How can I use Caller ID?

    Caller ID is available for fixed line customers by default, free of charge. Use a telephone or separate unit with a Caller ID capability.

  • 4. Where can I buy a telephone with caller ID?

    Dhiraagu Teleshop sells telephones with Caller ID as well as separate Caller ID display units that can be used with your existing telephone.

  • 5. Can I buy a telephone with Caller ID display from elsewhere?

    Yes, but some models of telephones and units with Caller ID may not work properly with the Dhiraagu exchange.

  • 6. Will Dhiraagu check a telephone with Caller ID that I had purchased elsewhere?

    Yes, Dhiraagu will be glad to check your telephone with Caller ID telephone free of charge at our Teleshop.

  • 7. Do I have to replace my existing telephone to use Caller ID?

    If you do not wish to replace your existing telephone, you may use a separate Caller ID display unit that can be used with your existing telephone.

  • 8. Do I have to make modifications to my existing telephone line to be able to use Dhiraagu Caller ID?

    No physical changes will be made to your telephone line. The service will be activated be at the telephone exchange. You will be required to connect your Caller ID unit or telephone to your telephone line. No action is required by mobile customers. Refer to the mobile user guide on how the Caller ID is displayed on your mobile.

  • 9. Will Caller ID be displayed on a parallel extension?

    Dhiraagu can only guarantee proper Caller ID display on a single telephone. Connecting one or more parallel extension/ s may not display the Caller ID.

  • 10. Can the telephone with Caller ID store the numbers of incoming calls?

    Some Caller ID units and Telephones display the Caller ID momentarily along with the incoming ring and may not store the Caller ID when the call is answered. Other Caller ID units and Telephones store calling party numbers in its memory for you to view later. The storage capacity varies with different models. You will need to check your telephone user guide or vendor to find the storage capacity in memory.

  • 11. My telephone has a display window. Does this mean I can use Caller ID?

    A display window on your telephone does NOT necessarily mean that it can be used to display caller ID. Check your telephone user guide or with the vendor.

  • 12. Where can I get further information on Caller ID service?

    You may call our Customer Services toll free on 123.