Dhiraagu Play

"Your go - to app for entertainment"

DhiraaguPlay is the go-to app that has a wide range variety of entertainment content at affordable prices and provides you the convenience of entertainment on the go! 

What can you do with Dhiraagu Play?

  • You can enjoy shows, watch live sports, movies and more – anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device across the Maldives.
  • Watch up to 36 channels with additional Video On Demand (VOD) content 
  • Seamlessly subscribe and watch TV at your convenience  


  • Record your favorite shows. With this feature you can record shows on Live TV and can schedule recording for upcoming shows in advance. 
  • Catch Up with your favorite shows. If you missed your favourite shows you can easily go back and catch up on the shows. 
  • Restart shows. If you missed the first half of your favourite program, with this feature you can easily go back to the beginning and start the show over 

In addition to a wide range of entertainment content, Dhiraagu Play houses a dedicated Education Zone, which brings to your fingers tips special education content to assist students continue their studies while staying home.

  • Terms and conditions apply.
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Get Started

Simply download the app from App Store or Google Play Store and register for DhiraaguPlay.


  • Channels          

    Hindi Entertainment



    CH: 22
    News, analysis from the Middle East & worldwide, multimedia & interactives, opinions, documentaries, podcasts, long reads and broadcast schedule.

    Bureau of classification: 18+




    CH: 230
    Style HD shows a wide variety of subtitled primetime films and dramas, world news, live sport events, various documentaries, kids’ shows and exciting lifestyle programs.

    Bureau of classification: 18+
    CH: 221
    TV5MONDE is the world-leading generalist channel, broadcasting in French 24/7 and offering a wide variety of subtitled primetime films, in-depth coverage of international news, live world-class sports events, high-quality documentaries and magazines, cartoons and diversified lifestyle programming.

    Bureau of classification: 18+
    CH: 80
    KBS World is a South Korean television channel operated by Korean Broadcasting System aimed at international audiences outside South Korea.

    Bureau of classification: 18+


    CH: 199
    Zoom is India’s first non-fiction, Hindi entertainment channel that is your ultimate source for celebrities, spicy gossip, unabashed glamour and high life.

    Bureau of classification: 15+
    CH: 181
    TRACE Tropical is a music channel that broadcasts tropical music clips as well as concerts, interviews and documentaries. The channel brings you the most popular video songs of Latin America, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean in various music genres for instance Reggae and Salsa.

    Bureau of classification: 18+


    CH: 167
    Lighting up little learners - With its bright colors, friendly and familiar characters and interactive content, CBeebies is a dependable environment for children, and encourages them to learn through play. CBeebies channel offers a mix of new and landmark, high-quality programs to educate and entertain the BBC's youngest audiences.

    Bureau of classification: PG
    CH: 162
    Marvel HQ is a kids’ television channel owned by Disney India Media Networks. The channel targets children ages between 9 and above. The main programs shown are four animated shows like, the Ultimate Spider-Man, Future Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy etc.

    Bureau of classification: PG




    TVM HD
    CH: 1
    Television Maldives is the Maldives public service media broadcasting to the whole country. It covers all the areas of information like, technologies that provide news, information, awareness and entertainment. It is available in Dhiraagu TV Channel 1.

    CH: 8
    YES is a channel owned by Public Service Media and was launched in 2016. It is a public channel that aims to youth telecasting, dramas, entertainment, and sports programs.

    CH: 14
    Public Service Media is a 24/7 news channel broadcasting worldwide news coverage but mostly targets Maldivian news and breaking news coverage.

    CH: 2
    Raajje TV is a private TV channel that covers Maldivian news throughout the country and world news as well. Includes Sports, Entertainment and awareness program shows as well.

    CH: 3
    Sangu TV is a local channel broadcasting news of Maldives and news around the world, technology & entertainment.

    CHANNEL 13
    CH: 5
    Channel 13 is a local channel which delivers news of Maldives and all around the world. It also shows other programs like, entertainment and lifestyle, information and technology etc…

    CH: 10
    MVtv is an Islamic channel which is contributed and assisted by Islamic Foundation. It is a religious local channel which shows a great variety of dharus and madhaha.

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. What is DhiraaguPlay?
      DhiraaguPlay is a streaming service designed for your mobile devices. This application will provide you a wide range of content at affordable price and provides you the convenience of entertainment on the go. 
    • 2. Where is DhiraaguPlay available?
      You can have full access to all the channels only in the Maldives where you have an internet connection. If you are overseas, you will be able to stream only the local channels and selected VoD content.
    • 3. How much content are being offered on DhiraaguPlay? 
      Initially you will be able to access to over 25 diverse channels 
    • 4. Are there any free content available on DhiraaguPlay 
      Yes, there will be selected channels and VOD for free viewing, so customers can try the service before buying.
    • 5. Do I have to be a Dhiraagu Mobile customer to access DhiraaguPlay?
      Yes, currently DhiraaguPlay service is only extended to Dhiraagu Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid customers only. 
    • 6. Will I be able to access DhiraaguPlay other than from a Dhiraagu Broadband connection?
      DhiraaguPlay can be accessed as long as you have internet or data connection.
    • 7. Do I have to be a DhiraaguTV customer to use DhiraaguPlay?
      No, you don't have to be a DhiraaguTV customer.
    • 8. Is DhiraaguPlay different from DhiraaguTV
      DhiraaguPlay is designed for mobile devices. Hence, you don’t need a cable connecting to use the service.
    • 9. How do I start watching on DhiraaguPlay?
      You need to first register for a DhiraaguPlay account via the “Register” link on the app or directly on the portal using a valid Dhiraagu Mobile Number. 
    • 10. What devices can I use to stream DhiraaguPlay?
      Currently DhiraaguPlay will support both iOS and Android devices
    • 11. What is the minimum required internet connection speed?
      The minimum you will require is a download speed of 2mbps. 
    • 12. How do I start to view the programmes on DhiraaguPlay? 
      There are many ways to start watching programs on DhiraaguPlay. Once you have installed the app and registered, simply login and choose any of the following methods,“Live Recommendations” on the main screen, “Local Channels” on the main screen, “Most Watched on TV” on the main screen, “Live TV & EPG” on the left slide-in Menu, “All Channels” on the left slide-in Menu, “Local Channels” on the left slide-in Menu. 
    • 13. How many devices can I login with my DhiraaguPlay ID to watch my subscribed content?
      Currently, you may enjoy the streaming services on up to 3 devices per registration. 
    • 14. Will there be any data charges on DhiraaguPlay when accessing via my Dhiraagu Mobile data service? 
      If you are on Dhiraagu Mobile Network, normal data charges will be applicable. Although, if you are on a Dhiraagu Home Fixed Broadband Connection, there will be no data charges.  
    • 15. Does DhiraaguPlay have subtitling option?
      Yes, for selected channels that support subtitles from the content provider.
    • 16. How can I cancel my DhiraaguPlay subscription?
      DhiraaguPlay subscriptions will expire automatically every month. 
    • 17. Can I cast DhiraaguPlay on my SmartTV?
      Initially, you may cast to other supported devices shown in your DhiraaguPlay app. Additionally, you may be able to mirror your whole screen of the mobile via other screen mirroring applications. However, with this method, your mobile phone will be occupied throughout your mirroring session.
    • 18. How do I reset my password?
      To reset your password you may follow the “Forget your password” link on the app
    • 19. I am having trouble opening the app on my mobile. What can I do? 
      Please get in touch with our support agent via, Live Chat via Dhiraagu website (, Viber Help, Social Media Handles (@Dhiraagu_TV on Twitter and Facebook), Call 123, Email us at 
    • 20. I am experiencing a continuous buffering. What shall I do? 
      Please ensure that you get consistent internet speed of at least 2mbps to enjoy the service. 
    • 21. How can I get general technical support?
      Please get in touch with our support agent via, Live Chat via Dhiraagu website (, Viber Help, Social Media Handles (@Dhiraagu_TV on Twitter and Facebook), Call 123, Email us at 
    • 22. How can I pay for DhiraaguPlay?
      Initially for Dhiraagu Mobile Postpaid customers, we will be charging it to your monthly bill and as for Dhiraagu Mobile Prepaid customers, the payment will be deducted from your prepaid balance. 
    • 23. If I do not wish to continue, can I request or a refund? 
      Currently, the service is provided on non-refundable basis.  
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