Pay your bill and stand a chance to WIN

30 years | 30 Winners

Pay your dhiraagu bill for the month of October 2018 by 27 October 2018 and stand a chance to WIN

        • 1st Prize -  MacBook Pro 13 inch
        • 2nd Prize -  iPhone Xs
        • 3rd Prize - Samsung Galaxy S9

        • 4th to 30th Prize - Google Home Mini

      • Get Started

        How to enter

        • To enter the lucky draw simply settle your dhiraagu bill for the month of October on any dhiraagu service.
        • Services include: Dhiraagu Postpaid, Fixed Broadband or Dhiraagu TV


        • This Promotion is open to all customers using Dhiraagu Residential Fixed Broadband, Postpaid and DhiraaguTV services 

        Payment Channels

        • Via Dhiraagu Mobile App
        • Via Dhiraagu Pay
        • Via Dhiraagu Online services
        • Direct Debit
        • Visit us at any Dhiraagu Office or any Dhiraagu Partnershop throughout the nation
      • Terms and Conditions

        • The following terms and conditions apply to the DHIRAAGU Bill Pay Promotion (the ‘Promotion’) organized by Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc (DHIRAAGU).

        HOW TO ENTER

        • To take part in the Promotion, customers have to settle their bill for the month of October for any DHIRAAGU service (Postpaid, Fixed Broadband or DhiraaguTV) in full on or before 27th October 2018.
        • This Promotion will run until 2359hrs of 27th October 2018. Postpaid customers who have paid their bill for the month of October by the launch date of this Promotion shall automatically be entered into the subject to eligibility requirements below. Any bill settlements received after the closing time will be not be considered for the lucky draw in this Promotion.
        • To enter, the bill for the service number has to be paid in full during the Promotion period. Part payments will not be considered for the Promotion.
        • Any payment channel accepted by DHIRAAGU can be used for the settlement of bills in order to be considered for this Promotion. Payments made by cheque are subject to realization by the bank.


        This Promotion is open to DHIRAAGU customers using Postpaid, Fixed Broadband and DhiraaguTV Services. Corporate customers and employees of DHIRAAGU are not eligible for this Promotion.
        • To be eligible, the service should not be suspended or ceased on the date of the lucky draw that will be held at the end of the Promotion period.

        THE DRAW

        All eligible entrants at the end of the Promotion period (2359hrs on 27th October 2018) shall be entered into a draw and 30 winners will be picked at random.
        • The customer’s service number will be used as the unique identifier in the lucky draw. A customer using multiple DHIRAAGU services shall be entitled an entry into the draw for each service individually, subject to the eligibility criteria and Promotion terms as stated above.
        • Winners will be announced on DHIRAAGU’s website and DHIRAAGU’s social media accounts. 


        For this Promotion, DHIRAAGU is giving away 30 prizes:
                • The first prize is a MacBook Pro 13 Inch Laptop;
                • The Second and third prizes are Apple iPhone Xs and Samsung S9 smartphone respectively; and
                • all other winners will get a Google Home Mini.
        • The winner will be notified via phone on the contact number provided to Dhiraagu as soon as practicable after the announcement date. DHIRAAGU shall not be responsible if a customer is not reachable on the number provided to DHIRAAGU.
        • The prize will be awarded to the registered owner of the service number at the date of the draw.
        •  In order to collect the prize, the customer shall be required to present a valid identification card or document.
        •  If a prize winner has an outstanding on any of his/her services, it should be cleared within 30 days in order to claim the prize.
        •  If the prize winner is not reachable after reasonable attempts or if a prize winner does not claim the prize within one month from the date of announcement the winner acknowledges and accepts that the prize will be forfeited.  


        •  By accepting the prize, winners consent for DHIRAAGU to use their name, image or photos for publicity and marketing purposes in any medium in connection with the Promotion.
        • Customers entering the Promotion represent and warrant that all information submitted to DHIRAAGU is accurate and truthful at the time of entry.
        DHIRAAGU shall not accept responsibility for entries not received during the Promotion period.
        • DHIRAAGU does not warranty any of the prizes, however will transfer to the winners, to the extent permitted by the supplier, any applicable manufacturer’s warranty for a device which the prize winner acknowledges may be limited in terms of coverage. DHIRAAGU makes no other warranties in relation to the prizes.
        • The Prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash.
        • If a prize winner is unable to come in person to claim the prize to the DHIRAAGU Head Office, he/she may appoint someone else to collect it on behalf of him/her provided that the nominated person provides a duly signed letter from the prize winner and submits a copy of his/her National ID card and that of the prize winner.• These terms and conditions shall be governed by laws of the Republic of Maldives, and shall the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Maldives for any disputes relating to these Terms if not resolved amicably by discussion.
        • DHIRAAGU accepts no liability for any damage, loss or injury (including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss and loss of chance), except for a liability that cannot be excluded by law, caused or suffered as a result of entering the Promotion or accepting a prize.
        • The Promotion is subject to these terms and conditions including any amendments and/or modifications thereof. Any variation to these Terms shall be published on the DHIRAAGU website. 
        By taking part in the Promotion, entrants are deemed to have read and understood these Terms and agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms. Entrants acknowledge that any violation of the Terms or any attempt at tampering with the draw shall result in disqualification of their entry.

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