Customer Advice on Scam Calls

17 February 2015

We have observed that some customers are receiving a hoax phone call with the news that they have been selected as a winner in a Dhiraagu Promotion and subsequently requesting to reload to a Prepaid number in order to claim grand prizes. The impersonators call claiming they are representatives from Dhiraagu and inform that the person has won an attractive prize or a significant cash amount that could only be redeemed by sending a reload amount to a suggested prepaid number.

Please be informed that Dhiraagu will never contact a customer and demand money or any other form of payment or ask to reload for redeeming a prize.  We would like to advise our customers to be cautious and not to respond to scam calls and report such incidents to the Police. To find out about our Promotions please visit here, our official social media pages or call 123.

Impersonating and misleading is a violation of the law and Dhiraagu shall be reporting such cases to the relevant authorities and provide full support and corporation to the authorities to conduct their investigations.

Issued by:
Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
17th February 2015

Media contact for information:
Imjad Jaleel
Assistant Manager Public Relations
Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
Phone: 3311336
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