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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a top priority for us. Our approach to CSR is based on the idea that CSR is more than philanthropy. It is about responsibly grounded business decision-making that considers the broad impact of corporate actions on our people, our community and our environment. It is an integrated part of our core business processes including Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement and Administration etc. 

We undertake sustainable business practices that positively make a difference to our people, our community and our environment. Our CSR activities are administered under our CSR strategy and the strategic direction of our CSR activities are overseen by the Dhiraagu CSR Committee. The Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director and is represented by senior management from cross functional departments.

We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary CSR initiative in the world, to support the principles in the area of Human Rights, Labour, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.

There are three pillars in our CSR Strategy : Our People, Our Community, Our Environment

CSR Highlights

Care for Children
Collaborated with key NGOs and stakeholders working on Child Protection and Support

Surf Smart
To promote safe internet use amongst children

Registered participants for Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race

New Apprentices 
Enrolled in Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Programme

406 Staff Trained
In technical and non-technical areas

Dhiraagu Smart Teaching
Full solution contributed to the Maldives National University

Renewable Energy
Solar power systems in 58 islands

Our People 

Our committed and talented workforce are the most important and distinct strength, and the driving force behind our continued growth and success. We closed the year with 597 full time staff, of which 99% remains Maldivians, signifying our continued efforts to employ, retain and develop local talent.

Staff Training and Development 
Dhiraagu Human Resources Development Strategy includes a proactive Training and Development Framework where a range of developmental opportunities are provided to support our staff in achieving organizational and personal goals along with business objectives.
By the end of 2015 we conducted 65 Training Programmes where 406 staff were trained in technical and non-technical areas. These included academic programs at masters, and undergraduate level. 37 staff also completed professional certification programmes. 
As part of our commitment to develop local staff to leadership roles and to support their career development, a leadership and management development programme was conducted throughout the year. This customized programme was delivered by an internationally renowned institution known for their work in leadership development. 

Health and Safety at Work 
We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our staff. Apart from complying with local legislations, we work towards achieving international best practices in relevant areas relating to our industry and specific work environments.

In 2015, a team of staff were trained as industrial fire squad for our Head Office. Basic fire awareness trainings were conducted in all regional centres with fire drills conducted at Dhiraagu Head Office and all regional centres. 

Grievance Policy and Procedure     
As part of taking concrete actions to enhance labour policies and procedures, a Grievance Policy and Procedure was issued during the year. The policy formalizes a mechanism for employees to raise any concerns regarding any work related matters.

Staff Engagement 
We have a well-rounded, structured programme to motivate and engage staff. A wide array of events were organized over the past year, which gave the opportunity for staff and families to participate. Key events included the DESCUP Football Tournament, Knowledge League, Maskeyolhu (fishing competition), Roadha Festival and Staff Family Fun. 

Employee Share Scheme 
All shares held under the Employee Share Scheme were vested and transferred to colleagues during 2015 with over 630 staff benefiting from the scheme.

Our Community  

Child protection / support and the empowerment of youth are key focus areas under our Community pillar. 
Care for Children 
- We collaborated with the NGO, ARC and launched “Surf Smart”, an online child protection campaign to promote safe internet use amongst children. The programme includes an awareness campaign with informative TV clips, radio clips and brochures for schools on topics related to online child safety.
- We established an Indoor Play Area at the Maldives Autism Association on World Autism Awareness Day. 
- On Children’s Day we renewed our commitment to sponsor teachers at the Kuda Kudhinge Hiya orphanage.
- We contributed teaching and developmental resources to Care Society to support children with disabilities.
- We donated over MVR 180,000 to 8 local NGOs endorsed in Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race. With 3000 participants, the event was a platform for NGOs to raise awareness to help protect children.
- We contributed teaching and developmental resources to Care Society to support children with disabilities.
- We contributed over MVR 100,000 worth of developmental resources to Al-Noor, Special Education Needs class in Sharafuddheen School, S. Hithadhoo, to support children with disabilities. 
- 200 children participated in Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival, an annual event organized and driven by Dhiraagu in association with various NGOs and institutions. The event provides opportunities for children with various disabilities to participate in sports activities and creates a platform for collaboration.  
- We contributed MVR 50,000 to SHE, to enable the NGO to conduct a Child Protection Programme.
- As a holiday treat for the children of Kuda Kudhinge Hiyaa orphanage, we took the children on a submarine trip for them to have a fun experience and explore the underwater beauty of Maldives.

Helping to Empower Youth
- We contributed “Dhiraagu Smart Teaching Solution” to Maldives National University, a system which connects all MNU campuses across the country, providing access to live and archived lectures for students regardless of their location.
- We partnered with Ghiyasuddin International School, to help the school run a pilot project and implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme for the first time in Maldives, which is targeted to integrate and widen technology based learning in Maldives.
- We enrolled 26 new apprentices in the Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Programme, an educational and training programme targeted for youth to enhance work skills development.
- Dhiraagu volunteers participated in the walk to help raise awareness in the National Tobacco Free Youth Campaign to promote a tobacco-free life for youth.

Disaster Relief 
- We contributed MVR 100,000 towards the Nepal Relief Fund to support the Maldives Red Crescent and enabled free calls to Nepal during the Nepal earthquake crisis. 
- With the tragic stampede in Mina and the crane collapse in Mecca that resulted in the death of many, we offered free calls throughout the day to Saudi Arabia to help families of Hajj pilgrims get in touch with loved ones.
- Dhiraagu volunteers participated in the national door to door Dengue Awareness campaign, as part of the national level response following the dengue outbreak across the Maldives. 

Our Environment 

Use of Renewable Energy
Since 1988, Dhiraagu has been one of the highest users of renewable energy in the Maldives. Dhiraagu uses renewable energy as the secondary source of power in some of its equipment sites. There are 58 islands where Dhiraagu has installed solar power systems, covering an area of more than 1,462 sqm across the country and producing 228,476 kWh of renewable energy per year.

Supporting the Marine Research Centre
We contributed MVR 154,200 to support the Marine Research Centre in their conservation efforts in Maldives. The contribution will help to conduct awareness and outreach activities on the need for conservation of endangered and protected marine species. 

Supporting the Sixth Regional 3R Forum in Asia 
We were a partner of the ‘Sixth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific, a platform for sharing best practices in 3R areas including new and emerging issues of concern in waste management.

Energy Efficiency at Dhiraagu Head Office
The sustainable green design features incorporated in Dhiraagu Head Office resulted in an annual reduction of approximately 390,228 kWh of electricity, equivalent to 276 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide or 636 barrels of oil.

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