"Your favorite source of Bangla entertainment"

Bongo is a Video on Demand Platform that allows audiences to stream and watch a wide variety of award winning shows, movies, web series, dramas, music videos, documentaries, and other video content. With Bongo, you can enjoy the world’s largest library of Bangladeshi video entertainment


  • Bongo is available worldwide. All you need is the Internet to watch Bongo, anytime anywhere.
  • Easy to subscribe.
  • You can stream over 3,000+ free videos and 10,000+ hours of content on the Bongo Library for FREE!
  • Once you sign up you can watch a variety of movies, telefilms, natoks, series, music videos, etc.!
  • If you wish to watch premium content in full HD (marked as Exclusive), you will need to subscribe to Bongo. Bongo has a variety of subscription packages for you to choose from. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
  • Daily rate is as cheap as MVR 2 for 24 hours to watch premium content.

How to subscribe

After signing up, you will have your personal account in Bongo, which will give you access to certain free videos. However, if you subscribe to Bongo you will have unlimited access to all videos. You can subscribe for unlimited access, by following the steps below:
  1. Click on the Subscribe tab on the top right corner of your profile
  2. Select your desired Subscription Plan
  3. Select/Unselect the auto-renewal option
  4. Choose your preferred payment method
  5. Complete the payment by providing the necessary information (Bongo ensures that all you information remains safe and secure)
Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation email/ text message informing you that you have successfully subscribed.
You can change your plans or cancel the subscription anytime.

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