ADSL Packages got Even Better with the NEW Add-Ons

Dhiraagu the nation's leading broadband internet service provider is pleased to announce the introduction of new Add-Ons for ADSL customers to ensure that they retain their high fixed broadband speeds throughout the month. These Add-Ons are available for customers using Pro Unlimited Packages and UltraFast broadband Packages. 

Dhiraagu ADSL Addons are easy to subscribe as customers can simply call 123 or visit a customer front office to get the service once the fair usage allowance is reached. In the near future customers will also be able to subscribe for the Add-Ons via Dhiraagu online portal. Dhiraagu ADSL packages are available in Hdh.Kulhudhufushi, B.Eydhafushi, K.Male, Villimale’, Hulhumale’, Gdh. Thinadhoo, Addu City (all islands), Gn.Fuvahmulah, 

Available Add-ons once the customer’s fair usage allowance is reached. 
Package Available Add-Ons 
Pro Unlimited 1M, Pro Unlimited 2M  Add-On 2GB , Add-On 5GB and Add-On 10GB
Pro Unlimited 3M, Pro Unlimited 5M Add-On 2GB , Add-On 5GB , Add-On 10GB and Add-On 20 GB 
Pro Unlimited 15M Add-On 2GB , Add-On 5GB , Add-On 10GB , Add-On 20GB and Add-On 50GB
Home UltraFast  Add-On 2GB , Add-On 5GB , Add-On 10GB , Add-On 20GB and Add-On 50GB
Home UltraFast Plus  Add-On 2GB , Add-On 5GB , Add-On 10GB , Add-On 20GB , Add-On 50GB and Add-On 100GB

Dhiraagu Assistant Manager Public Relations Imjad Jaleel said that, ‘As the nation's widest ADSL internet provider we always strive to provide our customers with the best variety of options that gives our customers greater flexibility, more saving and a good experience. With the introduction of Add-On the options available for Pro Unlimited and UltraFast Broadband packages just got a lot better. Besides a range of highspeed and high volume packages that are included in our portfolio for different customer segments customers now have the flexibility select an Add-On of their choice to retain their high speeds when their monthly fair usage allowance is reached’ 

For more information regarding Add-Ons for 
Dhiraagu ADSL, please visit or call 123

Media contact for information:
Imjad Jaleel
Assistant Manager Public Relations
Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
Phone: 3311336

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