Fixed Broadband

"High Speed Internet for your business."

Get the best Biz Plans now up to 1TB, with 100 Mbps!

ADSL Broadband
  • Enjoy unlimited usage with no excess charges
  • Experience the fastest actual speeds of upto 100Mbps
  • Get the Best value packages

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Set-up for Biz ADSL Plans

      Standard Fee (MVR)
    If you have an active telephone line 150
    If you have a working cable in the premises 250
    If a new cable needs to be installed

Set-up for Biz Fibre Plans

This service is currently available in Male’ and HulhuMale’.

The set-up fee is MVR 2000
* An Optical Network Terminal will be required to use Fibre Broadband Service. Dhiraagu will provide this equipment and a separate fee will be charged for this equipment in addition to the set up price. 

* Maximum speeds are assured through your direct Fibre Broadband connection. (through Ethernet via Optical Terminal Network). Speeds may vary if you are accessing through a Wifi connection (or via other mediums)

  • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST.

Additional Information

  • For use in a network with up to 10 PCs/laptops
  • For upload speeds of 1M and above, you may need to have equipment (Eg. modem) that supports Annex M  to get the required upload speed

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Actual speeds will vary due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, internet traffic, customer equipment and software. If your line does not support the maximum speed of the package, Dhiraagu will offer the best speed available on that line.
  • FAQ
    • If I am disconnecting my package in the middle of the month, will the full monthly rental be applicable?

      Yes. The full monthly rental will be applicable and you will be eligible for your full monthly allowance. 

    • If I want to change my package in the middle of the month how will I be charged?
    • How am I billed for this service?
    • How do I pay my bills?